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First posts are gay

Anal Cunt is one of the greatest bands ever. I got to see them on the Defenders of the Hate tour & got fucked up with Seth & Josh. We drank warm Jack Daniels & rode around in my car with one headlight smoking crack. All that Seth remembers about that night was "some nigger snatching sixty dollars" out of his lap. I was the only person he really hung out with because I didn't give a shit & was down for finding & smoking crack with him. I figured it would be a once in a life time chance. He said that if he comes around he wants me to go to his shows & get smashed with him again. I should have gotten pictures, he was wasted as fuck & I got to see him trip over the merch box & fall on his fucking beer gut. Good times.

I also have a noise grind band called The Happy Hitler Funtime Band. I'll post some shit on the web & have free cds for those who want them in a couple of weeks.
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