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[07 Apr 2009|10:03am]

[10 Jul 2003|03:44pm]

BunnyPlague666: dude analaidscorp is THE BEST community on livejournal ilike hands down

AnalAidsCorp: : > thank you my dear.


seriously ,does anyone know if 

cryptic_smegma is dead ? how she died? 



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noisecore fans [05 Jan 2006|04:40pm]

join the community noisecorefiends
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Art is fucking dead as..dead [14 Oct 2005|09:54pm]

[ mood | fat ]

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don't worry. [24 Sep 2005|04:53pm]



join it. fucks.
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[03 Sep 2005|05:18pm]

On September 4th, at the Middle East Club in Cambridge
Massachusetts, Seth and Josh Martin are doing a set of picnic of love songs under the name "Picnic of Love". They are opening for Ptl Klub, Adolf Satan. and The Old Men.
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[27 Aug 2005|09:35pm]

joineeCollapse )
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[04 Mar 2005|09:29am]



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[14 Feb 2005|09:12pm]

I'm really not much of one for rating communities, but the people on this one are funny as hell (so is the theme):
title or description
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Hear, Hear [03 Feb 2005|02:38pm]

[ mood | im a sexy bitch ]

When will the mighty Anal Cunt grace the lands of Australia??? huh, huh when will they??

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ANAL CUNT UBER ALLES!!!! [08 Jan 2005|11:31am]

[ mood | sofistifucked ]

just joined. anal cunt is one of my all time favorite bands...ive been lucky enough to see them live twice, and both times were kick ass...im so happy to know that seth is out of his coma and plans to keep anal cunt going, i guess we can expect some new song titles like "being in a coma is gay"...oh, and fuck off to the morons who say A.C. cause they dont have the balls to say ANAL CUNT!!!!!

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I just saw, the gayest man on earth! [01 Jan 2005|11:25pm]

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SETH LIVES! [14 Dec 2004|11:56am]

taken from sethputnam.com

"for anyone who hasn’t heard, i had a seizure, which caused me to go into a coma for like two months. i am currently at a rehabilitation hospital trying to get better. i guess my coma was really bad – i almost died, and when i survived the doctors wanted to pull the plug on me because they thought i was going to be a vegetable for the rest of my life. i also had really bad pneumonia and i had to be put on dialysis for kidney failure. i overcame all that shit, though, and i am totally fine again mentally. the only problem is i can’t walk or use my hands properly, but i am working on all that and coming along well. so, i am here at the hospital watching gay t.v. shows all day, eating horrible hospital food, trying to scratch myself in places I can’t reach, and taking as many pain killers as possible. hopefully i will be out of here in a couple of months.

the anal cunt / damien storm shows didn’t happen because i was comatose. hopefully, we will make them up at a future date. full blown aids didn’t record either. we’ll get around to it eventually. a.c. and you’re fired will both be working on new albums soon.

top 40 hits is now available for download. when i get home, i will try to get some demo stuff up on the site. i haven’t been able to answer any emails, but i will try and get back to people eventually. that’s it for now. i’ll do another update when something interesting happens."
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[24 Nov 2004|11:20pm]

I am new, I think Anal Cunt is funny as fucking hell, that is all.
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[23 Nov 2004|01:46pm]
When the fuck id is seth putnam going to get out of that fucking comma so i can ravvvage hiss fuickin ass !! uugghh guughgh!!!!!!!!1

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[15 Oct 2004|02:33pm]
i recieved an email that seth is an a drug induced coma? is this true or just a rumor?
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[16 Sep 2004|03:49pm]

i'm leaving my livejournal up for a week, then deleting it
anyone who wants to stay in touch...... my email is orgymaggotfeast@angryforlife.com
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maggot feast website [30 Aug 2004|04:13pm]

small updates...look at the news and members section
go check it out
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[15 Aug 2004|03:57am]
Hi, well, someone on my friends list posted about this case a little while ago in their journal, and this may interest some of you out there. It could affect you, and what you can and cant watch...
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[10 Aug 2004|08:12pm]

[ mood | i hope you die from rape ]

anal cunt is gay you are all gay i love the smiths

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First posts are gay [22 Jul 2004|11:54pm]

Anal Cunt is one of the greatest bands ever. I got to see them on the Defenders of the Hate tour & got fucked up with Seth & Josh. We drank warm Jack Daniels & rode around in my car with one headlight smoking crack. All that Seth remembers about that night was "some nigger snatching sixty dollars" out of his lap. I was the only person he really hung out with because I didn't give a shit & was down for finding & smoking crack with him. I figured it would be a once in a life time chance. He said that if he comes around he wants me to go to his shows & get smashed with him again. I should have gotten pictures, he was wasted as fuck & I got to see him trip over the merch box & fall on his fucking beer gut. Good times.

I also have a noise grind band called The Happy Hitler Funtime Band. I'll post some shit on the web & have free cds for those who want them in a couple of weeks.
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